You carry me

You carry me



Greatest national recognition in art goes to Ivona Juka for „You Carry Me“

The official committee for the Croatian annual Vladimir Nazor award has announced the winners for the best artistic achievements in 2015, and the laureate in the film section is Ivona Juka for writing and directing her feature debut „You Carry Me“.

„I'm grateful for the most important and most prestigious national award for cultural achievement - the Vladimir Nazor award. I feel honored that I was given the award for the best film - "You Carry Me", by a renowned and expert committee, and especially by my professor Branko Ivanda. I want to thank everyone who have sent their kind words of appreciation, I want to thank especially all my colleagues with whom I had woked with on "You Carry Me" and the colleagues with whom I continue to work“, said Ivona Juka.

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