You carry me

You carry me



„You Carry Me“ – the official Montenegrin entry for the 88th Academy Awards: Best Foreign Language Film

Feature fiction film „You Carry Me“, written and directed by Ivona Juka, has been chosen as the official Montenegrin entry for the 88th Academy Awards in the category Best Foreign Language Film.

The film has fulfilled all the preconditions set by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and was the only applying candidate to the Ministry of Culture. This is the third time in history Montenegro has submitted an entry for the Academy Awards.

„You Carry Me“ has been made in Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian-Slovenian co-production, and was nominated by the production company Galileo Production from Podgorica and Nikola Vukčević, the co-producer of the film, who recognized the quality of the film, stating he believes this movie has a chance to become the best foreign language film in 2015. The news about the entry comes one week after the European Film Academy announced „You Carry Me“ had entered the race for the European Film Award, popularly known as the „European Oscar“.

This project has shown that co-productions are the preferred model of cooperation in the regional cinema. In that way, it's easier for films to penetrate the regional market.

The movie has received outstanding reviews by regional critics such as Miljenko Jergović, Nenad Polimac, Krešimir Bobaš and Vezna Pažin, and recently The Hollywood Reporter joined the words of praise, which has successfully predicted that „You Carry Me“ is a potential Oscar contender.

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