You carry me

You carry me




"Almost 200 international guests, 118 films, 181 screenings, 140 public talks and 40 other sessions, ranging from industry events to masters classes, concerts and public readings: the fourth LET’S CEE Film Festival focused on productions from Central and Eastern Europe was the most comprehensive so far.

The Urania Award 2015 in the Feature Film Section, in which eleven films were nominated, went to the enthralling drama „You Carry Me“, from Croatian Film Director Ivona Juka. The official jury has stated:

„In a strong local setting and in highly unusual and original scenes, the filmmaker draws complex, stubborn and idiosyncratic characters. They are the modern heroines of three stories reflecting father-daughter relationships in very different social settings. Against all dramaturgical principals, the filmmaker unfolds the stories in a quiet yet convincing way to interweave them finally to something way bigger than the sum of all parts: LIFE as something huge.“

The Awards Ceremony in the Viennese Urania Cinema hosted many international guests. The winners of the main awards categories received the Urania Award,donated by Artdeluxe. The award comes in the form of a sculpture made by Tone Fink, an exceptional artist from Vorarlberg. In addition winners received prize money of 1,500 euro. The biggest supporter and Presenting Partner was also this year the cinema company Cineplexx International."
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