You carry me

You carry me



157 minutes of you know what? Pure cinematic perfection!

"Dora (H. Beljan) is a ten year old girl whose life isn't easy for her. After her father's sudden departure (G. Hajduković), she finds her role model in Zdravko Mamić, a controversial Croatian football manager. She often quotes and admires him, and dreams of one day becoming a celebrity football manager herself. Chaos returns to Dora's life as her father returns home, and shortly afterwards she finds out he hasn't changed at all, as the police show up at their door. Dora's mother Lidija (N. Janjić) has no more patience for her problematic husband and she presents him with a choice, asking Vedran to change his life habits, or leave once and for all.

Ives (L. Barić) is the director of a popular TV soap opera. Her job suffers from a lack of professionalism and poorly written scripts, and she's trying to make ends meet while caring for her father Ivan (V. Brajović), who suffers from dementia. Everyday chaos at work as well as at home corrodes her, but she's doing her best trying not to succumb.

Nataša (N. Dorčić) is a producer of the same soap opera, and while she's trying to manage a highly demanding production, she must confront her own life's tragedy along with her pregnancy.

157 minutes of you know what? Pure cinematic perfection! Well, it was about time! I couldn't believe my own eyes. What is this? I'm watching these frames of perfection, the music is touching my soul, while sad human destinies unravel before my eyes and warm my heart.

Our cinematography really needed an Ivona Juka. She's a Don Quijote type of person, who doesn't quail before the windmill of misunderstanding, or corruption of the individuals and institutions. Her work is sincere, she knows what she's talking about and she knows how to show it. Acting veterans, such as Vojislav Brajović, Krunoslav Šarić and Slavica Knezović, have woken up and reminded us why we have loved them so much. The young ones have shown their teeth while breaking our hearts filled with emotion. 

This is exceptional movie material, and everyone has shown their best performance.  Juka knows what she wants. She knew she would need the real former leader of the controversial football fan group (G. Hajduković) to reflect the authenticity of the character, and she also knew she would need a symbol of purity and innocence in contrast (H. Beljan).

This movie deals with our everyday life, as harsh and painful as it is. The tears need to be real, and the pain felt, but don't be afraid, Juka has left just enough space for hope to shine through and reach us with a shining bright light. There's always a way out and a chance for redemption. A dance, a kiss, a hug, these are the small things which matter. That's the consolation.

Ivona Juka has drawn a huge smile over my face. We have waited for this kind of movie for decades. So with that said, Ivona Juka, we thank you!

 Written by: Ivica Perinović"
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